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Illustrating for Education

Expii is an education startup based in Pittsburgh, PA who aim for their users to be proactive with their own education. Providing lessons and problem sets, the platform is an interactive resource targeted to audiences of all backgrounds.  From May 2016 to May 2017, I had the opportunity of producing illustrations for one of their features, Expii Solve. Every week, I created 5 vector illustrations for each problem with 6-12 additional solution illustrations––some problem sets get solved by thousands of users! 


The Beginning


In the beginning, I was getting an idea of what my style could be, and how it could appeal to a mass audience. Eventually, I got comfortable and began exploring with subtle animations for the occasional problem set. 


(This served me well for the New Years 2017 set)




A challenge I would frequently run into is how to illustrate digits (for answer images) in an entertaining manner. Drawing for such a mathematics-heavy platform, I would come up with different styles of illustrating numbers for each theme.  Below use themes of New Years' resolutions/fitness, mysteries, and back-to-school season.


As my freelance period reached December, the season of the Oscars and the MTV music awards were fast approaching! This gave Expii an opportunity to make themed problem sets that featured actors/actresses, music artists, and other celebrities. This was especially a challenge, given that not only did my illustrations have to remain appealing, but actually resemble the subjects with the geometric visual language.


Regardless, I enjoyed working at a very fast pace––given about half a week to complete these illustrations, working with vector graphics as made me a much faster visual designer! Additionally, working for an startup that aims for accessibility gave me a drive to nudge the educational experience to be more delightful. 

Below, in no particular order, are some examples from my entire experience at Expii. In total, I did around 400 illustrations, but here are a few of my favorites!