interaction + visual designer



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

As a naturally emotional and empathetic person, I love looking from others' perspectives and understanding their needs. Because I was raised in Seoul, Manhattan, a New Jersey suburb, and a small town in Alabama, I was surrounded by constantly changing worldviews. This childhood ability to listen and understand those unlike me is what drew me into the design field--my dream for more than a decade is to live comfortably in a society that welcomes those from every background. This is very obscure and to some, naive, but slowly yet surely, design can make that goal a possibility. 

If you meet me, you'll also notice I'm only 5'1", and my love for food, sketchbooks, animations, horrible jokes, and a good cardio workout. And if you also get to know me even better, you'll probably find me on Photoshop at one point faceswapping my friends. But if we become close, that could be you!